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Moravian Heritage Society

The Moravian Heritage Society was founded in January of 1994 to promote the history and culture of Moravia among the descendants of that region throughout the world. This is done through it's quarterly publication, "Morava Krasna", and genealogical services.

"Morava Krasna" publishes feature articles on such topics as: The Great Moravian Empire of the 9th Century, Tomas Bata the Shoemaker Tycoon, Archeological Findings and Historical Sites, Are your Genealogical Roots in Moravia, Thomas Masaryk the George Washington of Czechoslovakia and Who Are The Moravians? Check out our back issues for a complete list of topics.

The Members of the Moravian Heritage Society are benefited by it's immigration data base that presently list over 5,000 immigrants, with their villages of origin, birth date, and the places they settled in the U.S.A.. Genealogical services are also provided at the societies cost to it's members. Each year personalized family tours are organized to the ancestral villages of our members.

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